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1997 mercury mountaineer dana 44 conversion

new member geting ready to start a new project . ben driving old project for a couple years now and decided on doing another one this time with a mountaineer . already have axles suspention lift and tires trying to figure out what transfer case to use that will bolt up with little to no fab , i dont have a garage only a driveway. plan on going full width with stock 79 bronco hp dana 44 and matching 9" with 33s with little to no lift . picture is old project already finished 4+ years ago using this site old project is a 95 f150 4.9 with hp dana 44 and 9" with custome built flat bed truck works great have everything to build another one with the mountaineer .will have to take some pictures of new one

The 4406 that comes behind the F150/Expedition will bolt directly behind the 4R70w, and are fairly stout.

I think im going to try the 205 i have access to one with slip yoke from a f150 and one with a fixed yoke from a bronco .Would like to use the fixed yoke 205 out of the bronco but then im pretty shure ill need to have the bronco drive shaft custome built .

hears some pic i have on computer of the 97 merc with a 3'' keys twisted with 4'' shackles on rear with stock 235 75s and pictures of when i picked up axles and swaped them out for mi other axles on my f150, moor lift and better gearing with softer springs.old axles and red stiff springs will be going on the merc .