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19B165 to 18C868 upgrade


January 13, 2009
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96 Edie Bauer 4.0
I have a 95 EXP Sport with a stock Ford 19B165 radio, no subwoofer, and only a storage compartment in the right rear trim. I am trying to upgrade to a 2001 Exp 18C868 unit for the CD. I have integrated the wiring with a harness kit. There are two wires to the radio that are unacounted for in any wiring diagram that I can find so far. The head unit indicates Bass and Treble are adjustable, Will seek and lock on stations etc. BUT there is no audio output to the speakers. Is my stock unit a remote head only. If so where would the remote amp be and is there a fix. The 95 wiring diagram indicates speaker leads terminate at the rear of the radio and my unit matches the diagram. As a newbie I apologize if this has been asked before

Has this been answered?

Did you buy the MACH head unit ? The part number is more intensive than just the numbers given. Typically there are numbers/letters both before and after the 18c868. If you can give the full model I may be able to help.