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1st gen sport 4.0 possible build question

Hi all, I am new to this forum as I just purchased my first explorer. Got it from a friend of a co-worker for very cheap ($300). At the time of sale there were no known major issues. As I got it back home and decided to take it for a quick spin around the neighborhood noticed a few things.

1. Very hesitant when accelerating.

2. Lots of white smoke out tail pipe under mild/heavy acceleration.

3. Some spitting and sputtering.

So I decided to do a tune up and as I pulled the plugs from the drivers side of the motor, clyinder 1 and 3 were coated in coolant/oil mixture. So I then looked inside the radiator and couldn't see much coolant. I did some searching around the forums and found that a crack in the cylinder heads is very common on these motors.

I started tearing the motor apart but didn't get too far before it got dark out. If it turns out that the head is cracked, would I be better off repairing the head (if repairable) or replacing the head with a more durable head?

I would like to eventually do a complete build with this motor as it will be a wheeler/New England winter driver and just all around fun truck.

Please help!
And thank you for all future input!

It would be good to get the head Magnafluxed to be on the safe side if you don't see any cracks.