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2'' - 3"of Lift


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April 12, 2002
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Northern Virginia
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'93 XL
I am looking for for a cheap way to lift my '93 2'' to 3". I have read up about torsion twist and shackles, coil spacers and shackles, skyjacker/james duff lifts, and body lifts. What are ya'lls opinions about a cheap way to lift my Ex so I can 31" tires that would not create damage to the vehicle and for its ease in installation. All kinda of input would be great. Thanks. :)

I'd say get a body lift if you want to save money. If not, you are gonna need a complete kit for anything over 2 inches or so....otherwise you will be un-alignable.

I'd buy the 2 inch body lift if I were you.
It's less trouble prone than the three inch kit.

Too much body lift can be a problem as LukeDog3D has stated.

Save up and buy one of the 5.5 Lift kits and put some 33's on her.

Better off in the long run.

Good Luck,

I would almost tell you to get the 2" skyjacker lift. That was easier to install than the body lift, and a suspension lift gives you more clearence and looks better than the body lift. Just my $.02