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2008 NWE gathering

where exactly is Tahuya. lol.

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This is really sounding like it's gonna be a sweet trip. I need to buff up my X a bit more with the tax return so I won't feel like I don't do anything when I see all these other Explorers.

<a href="http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?address=&city=Tahuya&state=WA&zipcode=&country=US&title=%3cb%3e%3cspan%20style%3d%22display%3ainline%3bmargin%2dbottom%3a0px%3b%22%20class%3d%22locality%22%3eTahuya%3c%2fspan%3e%2c%20%3cspan%20style%3d%22display%3ainline%3bmargin%2dbottom%3a0px%3b%22%20class%3d%22region%22%3eWA%3c%2fspan%3e%20%3cspan%20style%3d%22display%3ainline%3bmargin%2dbottom%3a0px%3b%22%20class%3d%22country%2dname%22%3eUS%3c%2fspan%3e%3c%2fb%3e%3c%2fspan%3e&cid=lfmaplink2&name=&dtype=s">Map of Tahuya, WA US</a>

well, that link is sposed to go to mapquest's map of the area...

haha, alright. think i got at least a general idea of where its at. me and my buddie with the 91' in my link will be able to make it. hopefully we can meet up with someone like half way or so.. because i dont really know where it is neither does he. bob if you wouldnt mind are you going to be meeting up with diff whack daddy?

yeah, that would benefit me, unless I took the ferries to Pt. Townsend. I don't trust those things, so I will be taking the 5. If Diff Whack Daddy doesn't mind, I'll meet up somewhere and maybe meet up with yall too.

yeah man, that would be awsome. i need to get my **** done and get ready :p
are you stock or what?

I'm mostly stock, just got a little bit here and there. I'm about to get a new exhaust system and am looking around for intakes and such, i.e. throttle bodies and spacers. Plus I'm ordering a grill guard right now. I got a good sound system in it though.

Well if you guys do have this on March 1st. I won't be able to make it :(

I work on Saturdays so.... Plus I need to get my 4x4 working again, can't figure it out. :thumbdwn:


Well, I kind of feel funny about the trail run.. because my exploder is my stock daily driver.

We do our offroading in our Jeeps.. I have a '95 wrangler on 35"s and locked.. my fiancee has an '01 Wrangler on 33"s.

Albino 94LTD said earlier that there was plenty of trails for stockers.

Thanks for sending me a private message about this meet. I'm living in Cambridge Ontario Canada now, and working in Calgary for the past 2 weeks, but will be flying home to Bremerton on the 29th of Feb. I was hoping to get new tires on the Exploder before taking her out to Tahuya again, but would love to get together with you. Had been out of work for almost 2 years till I landed this job, and it's got me on the run, literally traveling all over the world working on equipment. Just haven't had a chance to do any repairs on the old girl lately.


Wow, stock-friendly trails? Man, if I had any doubts, they just got erased. I haven't had the opportunity to hit trails since I sold my 78 F-250 years ago. I miss that stuff. I'm so excited for this meet, I might drag my g/f along.

I'll be there with the Bronco. Explorer is still in pieces....

We can make it there!...

Since it's close enough, we'll bring both X's....The lowered one (we'll leave it parked though)....and the Stock one...

I'll see if I can get my friends Quad too...I have plent of cameras too...even a waterproof shell for my 7.2mp Sony Digital still camera...


If you can't make it March 1st, come up March 2nd, I'll still be up there for a good portion of the day.

I have never been to Tahuya either. I am not sure how I got nomiated as "follow me" guy, but that's cool. I got GPS, we'll get there :D

To make this easy, there is a Safeway right off I-5 exit 227 (College Way). It's got a huge parking lot and will make a good spot for us northeners to meet up at and then we can probably hook up with Albino or JR down south.

Can somebody post better coordinates or an address of a meeting place close to there.

It'll probably be a day trip for me as well due to camper being winterized and also baby sitting needs for my 1.5 year old.

Looks like it's about 134 miles to Belfair, about 2.5 hours so a good initial start time to look at would about 4am or so, on the road by 4:30, that gets us in the area around 7am and leaves leeway for getting lost :confused:

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I'm not sure whether this will be possible for me or not.
I either have to get tabs for the Explorer and drive it there, which I'm not excited about doing because I wont feel good about wheeling as hard.
Or I can try to trailer it over but diesel is expensive these days and so is taking a ferry with a trailer.
So I'm not sure yet.....
I'll put it on my calendar and try to find a way.