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2010 Explorer Air bag light

2010 explorer

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September 28, 2016
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2010 Ford Explorer
I have a 2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0, and recently the air bag light came on for no apparent reason. I'm getting codes b2792, b2293, and a u1900. I'm not having any flash code appear when I turn on the ignition. Seat belt alarms work, I suspected a clock spring but everything in the wheel seems to work great, all features and horn. Could anyone maybe give me some ideas as to what issue could be throwing these codes and making the air bag light stay on?

Thanks in advance.

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A dying battery can through srs codes. How old is your battery?

A new update... I noticed today on the way to work that when I started it in the morning the passenger airbag off light stayed on until my wife was sitting in the seat for maybe 30 seconds to a minute (light in the guage cluster was on and remained on) Then the "passenger airbag off" light dissapeared, but the airbag light in the cluster stayed on. does this mean its active on the passenger side? Atleast thats the normal function ive seen in these vehicles before but i never paid it much attention. This leads me to believe that the air bag issue might be on the driver side or in the back seats?

The whole point of this update is I was told by a few people that having a air bag light on means if God forbid we got into a accident that we would have no protection.

If the system was disabled wouldn't the "passenger airbag off" light remain illuminated? If anyone could shed some light on this I would very much appreciate it, getting it diagnosed at a dealer is out of the question right now due to our budget, and if i can fix this on my own I would like to ASAP, considering this is our only vehicle and we have no choice but to drive it with no airbags in the meantime.

Thanks alot

The u1900 code with a ford tool may give more info on where the problem is located. The b2792 is probably an engine code (could not find anything on it for airbag) and the b2293 is a communication error for the driver side airbag. Without having the ford specific scan tool it is hard to diagnose.