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  1. C

    Still having problems with my 2000 5.0 Explorer

    I bought a 5.0 AWD Explorerin the late summer, 2020 to replace the '04 that needed timing chains. I love 302's, but I wish I would have just spent thatmoney fixing the '04 Explorer. Since I got it registered, it has been nothing but trouble, which shouldn't be normal for a 5.0. It has been...
  2. B

    New XLT 2021owner!

    Just grabbed this bad boy last week, upgraded from a 2018 Fusion. I’m still getting used to it but I’ve been in love with the new explorer for the last ten months. I got a great lease deal on it, it had been a courtesy vehicle so it had about 1k miles, so I was able to talI them down a bit...
  3. L

    Need advice!

    Hello everyone. I have a 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. I bought this used 3 years ago and have had nothing but trouble. First I had to replace the engine, then have the transmission rebuilt. Yesterday I took it in to have the EGR valve replaced and they called me an hour later stating...
  4. F

    2015 Explorer Roof Rack LED Mount

    I’ve searched high and low to find a thread discussing how to cleanly mount custom rear facing LED light pods but could only find forward mount, so I’ve decided to tackle this project on my own. I’m almost finished, just need to mount and wire, but I’ll post up my progress so far and as I go...
  5. 2

    Fuel Pump Dead

    I replaced my fuel filter today so I used the method were you pull the relay to the pump while it’s running to remove pressure from the lines. That definitely worked as I changed the filter and the lines were depressurized. But now my pump isn’t turning on, I don’t hear the usual whirl sound and...
  6. E

    97 Ford Explorer OBDII Transmission Temperature

    Hi All, I haven't been able to find much information about using an OBDII scanner for a 97-01 ford explorer and whether they read transmission temperatures? Does anyone know if they do and can recommend any sensors? Thanks Chris
  7. W

    1st post 2011 Explorer Help/problems

    Sorry if this is posted incorrectly or in the wrong area, I will remove and/or repost in the correct please if I need to. So I have a 2011 Ford Explorer Limited with around 80k miles, I am not the original owner. I've had several problems and have some questions... I recently brought my car...
  8. B

    2014 explorer XLT shuddering

    Hi I have a 2014 Explorer XLT 3.5 NA. When I accelerate around 2nd-4th gear with light throttle I feel a shudder. It’s light but noticeable. Only around 2200-2800 RPM. Feels similar to a torque converter engaging and disengaging, only it happens about twice every second. When I accelerate harder...
  9. P

    is my explorer pretty?

    Hi all, I've had my 08 Explorer xlt for 3 years now and have loved it. Everyone doesn't see the beauty that I see in my car so I hope to find some people who also do. Glad to be here and hope to learn lots!
  10. C

    Courtesy Lights Don’t Work

    Hey! This is my first post but I’ve been lingering here for awhile. I’ve been to numerous sites and checked pretty much all threads on this forum and I haven’t found anything. I don’t know if this is important or not, but I do have an aftermarket fob. It’s a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT. When I open...
  11. W

    Power Windows not working, wiring is all fine

    I’m having trouble with my explorer where my windows don’t go up. Checked all the wiring and it’s all good, the doors still lock and unlock and all the switches are getting power but only the window controls are not working. any tips on what it could be?
  12. T

    02 Exp XLT High Beam

    Good day, fine folks! High beams not working in 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. All the other functions of the multi-function switch are working. Checked fuses, and relays identified in manual. The #49 relay is clicking when high beam switch on MFS is activated. No power to the #46 20a fuse at any...
  13. B

    02 explorer 4x4 light low

    hello, i have a 02 explorer limited v8 and when i put the ignition key on it lights the 4x4 low light a few seconds and after a few seconds it goes out. (the drive is in 4wd auto.) same when you start the engine, 4x4 low comes on for a few seconds . after that nothing can be done with the 4x4...
  14. C

    04 explorer brown wire mod

    I'm trying to do the brown wire mod on my 2004 explorer but I dont know which wire to cut into any hell would be greatly appreciated.
  15. M

    Just Bought - Couple questions

    Just bought a 1991 Ford Explorer this afternoon. I'm in college, senior year and wanted to get something that could handle itself on the trails and also be reliable. Almost bought an 89 Bronco, glad I did not. Excited to begin the work shortly!! 173k miles. Eddie Bauer trim. 4.0L V6 Engine...
  16. C

    how would one start modifying?

    I saw a post of a picture of a saleen style explorer and i love that look and want to sorta recreate that but in my own way and want my explorer to be a little faster, by little i mean i want a blower in it. i just dont know where to start what to buy first, i dont care about exterior look right...
  17. D

    1996 Explorer XLT: Rear Frame "issues"

    So I have a 1996 V8 Ford Explorer XLT that has seen some better days, however it's been with my family for a long time and I'd love to get everyone's serious opinion on if it can be saved or not (within a reasonable budget). The rear left body of the vehicle is sagging something fierce and has...
  18. C

    2007 Ford Explorer 100$ bounty

    Took it to ford and paid 1000$ to have nothing fixed and for it to come back with an oil and coolant leak that’s gonna cost me an additional 1000$ to repair from quotes with the initial problem still being present. I don’t have the money. Anybody willing to give me advice that actually has...
  19. P

    2016 Explorer Liftgate Panel Removal

    Have a squeaky liftgate and trying to remove the panel to figure out why it squeaks. Don't want to mess anything up. Other than the two screws on the inside handle, is there anything else that I need to be aware of? Does it just pop off? Anything to be cautious of so I don't break anything?
  20. Z

    2013 2nd Row Seat Stuck in Tumbled Position

    Hello. My 2nd row driver-side seat (60/40) is stuck in the down position. The pull cable is not releasing the latch from the hinge. I have tugged and tugged and tugged. Does anyone know if there is a release somewhere on the seat? Any help would be great. Thank you
  21. F

    Oil Burning Smell (PTU)

    Hi there, just joined the forum and looking forward to all the advice. Story being, I bought a 2016 FPIU bout 3 years ago and it’s been a bulletproof car ever since. But as of recently it’s been in and out of the shop for a variety of things. I recently just had the Transmission fluid flushed...
  22. 2

    Shock Advice Needed

    I recently installed lift keys on my X and gained about 3” of lift. The stock length RS9000’s feel like they’re over extended. I see that Cherokee shocks use the same mount types as the Explorer with a stem top mount and a bar pin bottom mount. Has anyone used Cherokee shocks on their Explorer...
  23. SoDakMeadeCo

    Help with 2013 Explorer PIU Console Questions....

    Hey all! I've been reading every post I can find about my missing console, but still have questions and need help! Short of trying to get a deputy to let me go through his PIU and possibly take photos (which I doubt is going to happen ; ) I searched our county's facebook, etc., for details on...
  24. Bobs2018Explorer

    For Sale Set of (5) Like-New Ford Explorer PIU or Sedan Steel Wheels with Tires - SOLD!

  25. 2

    Question about swapping axle gears.

    I’m thinking of changing my 3.55 gears to 3.73 gears. I’d like to change the gears instead of swapping the whole axle. Is a kit like this all I would need? I’d like to re-gear to run 32’s and 4.10’s aren’t an option for me. Thanks for any input...