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265/50/20 tires??

Will 265/50/20 toyo proxes s/t tires fit good on my 95 sport? I am also considering lowering it about 2 inches, let me know please!!! Also, are toyo tires recommended over goodyear eagle 275/45/r20?

haha well then. I guess the 20 other people that recommended the goodyears are wrong? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Those people are concerned about the price, the toyos are 250 a piece, the goodyears are 140 a piece. With price you get performance.:D :confused: :redexp:

i just got my wheels and tires put on.
I got the 275/45r20 and they look great.
The goodyears have the same speed rating and tread wear and traction ratings at the toyos as well.
So i didnt see what would justify the higher price except for the *sporty* tread pattern.

I find the 275/45 GY size to look better- i think the 265/50 would just look to tall- and detract from the wheel size.. making 20's look like 18's.

Im happy with my choice. and im glad i didnt go w/ the toyos.