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3/4 Sol price


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June 27, 2005
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1992 XLT
On average what would a shop charge to replace the 3/4 shift sol, and how much is the part itself.

And whs there ever a thread just for the 3/4 sol replacement? I found the part in the rebuild diary, but I thought i remembered one just for that sol?

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Aftermarket you'll probably be charged $50 for the Solenoid by a shop. Add maybe 1.5 to 2 hours at shop rates for the pan drop, VB drop, Install and replace.... plus $10 for gaskets.

If your 3-4 shift solenoid went, I would also suggest replacing the TCC solenoid at the same time. Your transmission only has those 2 solenoids, and assuming that both are probably the same age, why tie up your vehicle in a shop in another few months from now, and pay another labor charge? They might just charge you for the part, and not for any additional labor if you do both at the same time.

good call, Im taking it in soon to get it dignosed because its also starting to throw a code intermittantly. Oddly enough, when the trans starts acting up the CEL is never on, only when it5s running normal. Also, the problem goes away after the engine has warmed up and the trans temp is around 140.

my reader is broken so im sending it to the shop this week, ill let you know when I do.