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3rd row delete


"I'm counting to 3, then I'm getting your dad."
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March 16, 2013
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Woodstock, GA
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
When I bought my ‘04, it was only a two row. I swapped the second row for capt. seats and a console out of an ‘07(?) and added a third row from an ‘05.

biggest bummer about the third row, was the fact that the cargo area was no longer flat.

I‘ve hauled a lot in this vehicle and everything has always fit, till the other day. Had to remove the entire 3rd row to get an old chandelier home.
With my kids older, and having not used the 3rd row for probably two years, it’s time to remove it.

In this case, I actually needed the dip on the floor to move the light, so I’m not going back to the old cargo setup either. Thinking of maybe putting automotive carpet down. Perhaps build a fold-away platform (just for times a level surface may be needed) like the tonneau covers that fold.


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