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4 Piece Billet Grilles- $80


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January 22, 2016
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2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer

Here's a complete set of billet upper, lower, and fog grilles. They seem like a great price, does anybody have all 4 billets like this? I'd like to put on a full billet set with my v8 emblem from the back on the upper grille. Also, if anybody has the fog grilles, how do they bolt on? The company selling says they bolt onto the fog trim areas

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Looks nice, price is reasonable. Dive in and let us know!

i bought my set off of e bay and was much cheaper that what amazon had them for here i good pic of the front my 05 x

I really like the look, how did you attach the fog billet covers?

hello Nickp
just drill two small holes in the plastic cover that seat around the driving light also the middle piece was the same way drill a hole in the supports and mount 20 min top to do them

Okay that's good. And they have mounting brackets on them already? In other words, the screws/ bolts/ whatever aren't visible from the outside?