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4WD Problem and Vibration


August 20, 2006
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Murrysville, PA
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1991 EB
I know this has been covered many times but I haven't seen anyone's problem exactly like mine.
My 4WD used to work. I would engage it, it would work good. I would disengage and go about 15feet and I would hear a CLUNK. Then it would just drive fine. Now I push the stupid button and NOTHING. Any thoughts???

The vibrations: Was wondering if the vibrations could be coming from bad U-Joints which may also be the 4WD problem. Just replaced the rotors and front pads so I know the wheel bearings are good

Bad U-joints could be the problem with the vibes and the clunk but would not cause your 4WD not to work. If you're not getting the 4X4 light on the dash then it could be the shift motor, controller or the buttons themselves, shift motor is usually the cause and cleaning it repairs it most of the time. Check this page out: http://www.explorerforum.com/Singleton/exp.html for further info on the 4WD problem.

I was figuring UJs.
I know a lot of time the buttons go bad. I will try cleaning the shift motor.
Thanks for the tip.