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4x4 High & 4x4 Low warning lights flashing?


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March 20, 2006
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98 XLT
ANy idea please, both 4x4 High & 4x4 Low warning lights are flashing on panel intermittently?... :(

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Could be a few things. First unhook your battery for 10 minutes and hook it back up. The lights may never come back on. If they do, take out your speed sensors and clean them. My X had the flashing 4x4 lights and the speed sensor cleaning cured them.

The battery trick worked like a charm for me.


Thanks both, will give it a go today.. will let you know.

many thanks.


have that same problem look for a wire on the side of the transmission it might be loose

Were are the speed sensors located at i also have a 1999 that is doing the same thing it flashes six times when it comes on and happens intermitently

^^ reset the computer first(pull neg plug for 20 minutes)....that was the cure for mine.

I must have disconnected my battery six times and my lights still blink. This has happened ever since I had the 4x4 shift motor replace two years ago.

The battery trick worked so far for me.

The speed sensors are on the transfer case by the driveshafts. One by the front shaft , and one by the rear one. The rear one is right above the shift motor to the left a little. The one for the front is looking right at you, can't miss it. They are little black plastic things with one bolt holding them in and two wires attached. I just pulled mine out far enough to clean them with some degreaser and didn't mess with the wires at all. Sounds like a challenge but it's really simple.

Shift Motor?

My 4X4 high and low lights used to blink six times every 2 minutes.

I took it to my mechanic and they said that over time the shift motor gets old and starts to run slow. but it still worked, it would just take a minute for the motor to switch it over into four.
Now my ABS light is always on, the mechanic indicated that it was an issue with my speed sensors. And as long as I didn't mind not having ABS then he recommended that I not bother with it. I only use my Explorer off road, So i'm never going fast enough to justify replacing the speed sensors at $198.00(Cad) each just to have anti lock breaks. And ofcourse I could hardly justify spending $403.00 (cad) so I wouldn't have to wait an extra minute for my 4X4 to kick in.

(my shift motor blew up today)

I know...this is all my fault.
My local auto recycler doesn't carry sensors of any kind.
Is there any way that this doesn't run me over a grand?

the only problem with ignoring the speed sensors is the 4wd system depends on them. Think about it this way , if the pcm keeps up with the wheel speed to engage the AUTO 4wd it most likely uses the speed sensors to do it. I just cleaned my speed sensors and it fixed mine. That was about 7 months ago and no flashing lights since.

haveing the same problem but

i have the same problem with my 95 eddie bauer. but the front wheels dont lock in any suggestions?