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5.0 Swap question

I have been reading up on the 5.0 swaps some of you guys have been doing and I've noticed that everyone is going with an AOD tranny. I am considering doing the swap myself but I really want to keep the 5spd in mine, has anyone done the swap and kept the 5spd or for that matter is the manual even compatible with the 5.0?

Look at the L&L Products Kit for a manual conversion.
Everything you need to install the 5.0 with stock 5 spd, maybe it will work with a t-5 or something else.
All you need is the money to buy it.

The big problem with the manual is the space where the clutch lever is is needed for the exhaust, but it has been done, so hang in there someone will respond with the answers.

When you do the swap maybe look into a throwout bearing with the slave cylinder attached, it will save somespace.

Good Luck on your hunt.

Originally posted by cmurph93
I've noticed that everyone is going with an AOD tranny.

Umm........ not everyone is going with a AOD. The cool people are going with 4R70W. (lol) you might as well forget about your stock 5spd. It has a one piece bellhousing that will not bolt up to a 5.0. (it is too small) If you get a mustang 5spd, you will have to adapt the clutch linkage some way.

Read my post about the 4R70W.

Good Luck,