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5 speed help needed


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April 20, 2009
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93 Ranger
I have A 93 Ranger 4x4 with A 4.0 and A 5 speed that I had some trouble with, it was jumping out of 1st. and finally stuck in third gear I have been told that the tranny is junk now as A rebuild kit won't help it and after pricing even A used one is like 700-1,000 ouch, is this tranny salvageable or do I need A different one if so I thought that I read you can use A two wheel drive 5 speed but would have to change the output shaft and housing, can someone please help me I miss my Ranger?!!!

It could be that shift forks are worn and misaligned. If this is the case the whole assembly comes off with 6 bolts and could be replaced with one from a 2wd easily with the trans in the truck, pull back the floor mat and remove the cover on the tunnel to take a look.

I had pulled the shifter and it didn't look warn but A friend pulled the tranny already so I will take A better look at it,Any help as to what I am looking for, as this is the first tranny I have worked on