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5 speed to C-5 swap


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January 14, 2001
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86 ranger no more
I am thinking about picking up a c5 to swap into my truck. Auto plus duel tcases = :cool: I just want to make sure I have everything figured out before I jump in and spend a bunch of money on this. Here is what I think I have figured out through searching for a few hours a few days ago. Tell me where I am right and wrong.

Parts I need:

C5 4wd auto tranny with bellhousing
2.8 flexplate and torque converter.
flexplate spacer off 2.8 or 4.0 motor
Kickdown cable: get an A4LD one and flip the bracket on the C5 over and it should hook up
Shifter Seems like alot of people used the B&M Megashifter (open for ideas on this one) Others used the stock one the tranny came from.
Add a Trans cooler and necessary lines. Would two of the those aftermarket ones like they sell at the auto part stores be enough ( one infront of radiator and one under bed or both under bed with a Fan on atleast one of them?
Starter from an A4ld truck
Automatic brake pedal to replace my small manual one.
Hook up the reverse lights and nuetral safety switch. If anyone has a link on this it would be great. Although I cant see it being to much of a big deal.
Remove clutch pedal and block off hole in fire wall with something. Is this an item ford used or should I get a small piece of metal and bolt it over the hole in the firewall.
Move tranny cross member forward and change lengths on teh driveshafts.

I will probably add a temp guage as well just to be safe. Then down the road maybe add a reverse manual valve body and beef up the tranny after I blow it up.

Did I miss anything?

Get the clutch 3 position switch bypass from a Ranger like yours with an auto.
Get the clutch block off plate as well.

The radiator with the built in auto cooler is your best bet for the primary cooling of the trans, a nice B&M or similar auxillary cooler can be added in front of the radiator. There are trans coolers on the market, you see them all the time on the desert trucks, that can cool any automatic stand alone without the factory radiator cooler and fan.
You can run metal or rubber hoses for the trans cooling, I cut the factory Explorer metal lines, did a simple flare on them, and run rubber trans line with clamps. Works well.

Other then that I think you have it.
The shifter is up to you, The B&M cable floor shifter can be tricky to rig up, but it depends on what shifter arm your C5 comes with. Sometimes the cable has to make a U turn and it can be a PITA.
I am using a stock Mustang floor shifter, but if I was to get an aftermarket shifter it would likelt be an Art Carr.

The only thing about the C5 for me is no OD, otherwises I would have done it long ago...

yeah i know this thread is old....

you still thinking about doing this? cause if you are, we should work on this together and we'd have the same exact setup :D