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5R55E transmission question

Charlie Daniel

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November 18, 2018
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1999 Ford explorer sport
I have read several threads on no reverse and found a lot of good ideas. All my gears work fine except reverse. At the beginning it was slow going into reverse and then nothing. I removed the value body and found a broken gasket near the reverse servo. The reverse servo fell out when I removed the plate. I couldn't see up in there very far, so I took a Phillips screw driver and I could fill the spring tension of the band. I put the servo piston back in but I could not feel any tension like up against the band. It seems to bottom out without touching anything. Does anyone know if that means the tab on the band is broken. After replacing the gaskets and tighten to specs and filling with oil, I still had no reverse. Any ideas out there. Thanks

If the band was in good shape when you pushed it with the screwdriver, you should have felt it bottom out when the band grabs, it you couldn't feel it bottom out, then I would say the band is broken, provided you actually had the screwdriver on the knuckle that the servo fits into.

I think I had it in the knuckle because I could feel the spring action. I put the valve body back on but still didn't have reverse. I do have low gear (drive 1). I have another valve body that I will put on in a couple of days to see that will help. Thanks.