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5R55S Shift Reprogram Kit Question


December 23, 2016
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Seminole, FL
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2007 Ford Sport Trac XLT
Hi guys,

I'm looking at adding a shift kit / improvement kit to my 5R55S, only I have no idea what I should get. I found the 5R55S "Shift Reprogramming Kit" from Transgo linked below and thought maybe this would be a good thing to get (link below). My question is, since the transmission is installed, does anyone know if it is even possible to install these parts in the valve body even though I cannot yet replace the pump valve and still have it work correctly?

Thanks for any help.

Transgo Shift Kit,5R55W Transmission Reprogramming Kit

I have found that the valve body’s don’t require any mods. Have seen a few TCC valve bore wear in high mileage vehicles. But every build gets a new line pressure relief valve as they all wear and fail. Take a close look at the solenoid regulator valve as it likes to hang up. It has to be very free in the bore.

Brad, thank you for the information. I ended up getting the Superior "Shift Kit", I've read that some of the springs can grow weak over time - is this true? I will definitely check the valve you have indicated. The truck has 132K on it, not sure how much longer the trans has. I know this won't fix anything but I was under the impression it would improve operations.

Your welcome, the shiftkit instillation won’t hurt anything. Certainly springs grow weak over time. Good luck.