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5R55W Transmission Showing P0775, P0732, P0735

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Any luck?

Not yet. I'm going to look in my Forscan software and see if it can control my shift solenoids. Particularly the Shift Solenoid C. Controls shifting in 2nd and 5th gear. I have tried everything else but the PCM. Forscan did tell me they weren't actuated on in 2nd and 5th gear.

Also will probably wiring a momentarily on switch and back probe the connector at the PCM and wiring to a ground with the other end. With a long wire, I can drive the vehicle and manually actuate the Shift Solenoid C.

If the vehicle does not shift manually, it has got to be the PCM. Forscan will copy and save the PCM flash and will also upload the flash to another PCM. You don't have to go to the dealer and have them do it.

Good luck! Let us know how it works. I got lucky and just had a broken od servo

Turned out to be a missing thrust bearing #215 in the OD Planetary Assembly. This bearing is normally pressed into the OD Planetary Gear Assembly. The first time I rebuilt the transmission, I purchased a used set on ebay. Very good condition for used. With my first time ignorance, I didn't know there was suppose to be a bearing sitting down inside. The Ebay OD Planetary didn't have one. The ATSG manual didn't show it. I guess if it is pressed in, it becomes an assembly and they don't show it. I do know you can't buy #215 bearing separately.

Hope this helps others who are venturing into rebuild their own transmission.


Thank you to everyone that helped.