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8.8 Axle Facts and Swap info

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Totally I didn't know I was mentioned in this thread until I searched my username...

I remember reading about the brake problem, I know that the distribution block for the brake system on the axle is different between generations, on the differential versus on the axle tube.

I know that in the brake booster you adjust the screw inside of it, like the plunger I think? To help balance the braking between the front and back.

I'm surprised y'all haven't mentioned these:


Both of switch are switching to disk brakes, 1 by switching out axles, the other by keeping your current axle and just mounting the hardware. That first link I put up goes through the whole swap and brake adjustment. Hope this helps.

...I posted Paul's on page one but, I missed adding Brett's...

I would say yes Ted. Your system should not know or care the differance...sort of...:rolleyes: Sensor wise nothing changes a 98 use the rear axle sensor as a abs and speed sensor. yours gets the speed info at the t-case and abs at the axle. this should still work the same. Now the problem comes with the disc brakes. I belive you need a proprtioning valve for this, and not sure how the system will deal with this. That's where it gets grey. However if it was a drum, I would say no problem;)

...8.8 Explorer axle shafts???

...Is there a difference in the shafts themselves over the model years???...More to the point, will an 91 8.8 pass side axle shaft work in say a 98 pass side???...Will this not work due to one having drums and the other having disc???

..I know someone with disc who bent his shaft and I have a spare...I'm trying to help him out...:dunno:

All of the axle shafts will work 91-01. The only difference is right and left are different lengths.

...Thanks for the info...:biggthump

...It was for a J**per who had read on a heep forum that they would not work...After passing along your info, it turns out he needed the shorter shaft...The one I don't have...:rolleyes:

...But I learned something...:D

All of the axle shafts will work 91-01. The only difference is right and left are different lengths.

...But aren't the 95-01 installed without c-clips??? This would mean that the groove for the c-clip would be missing for the newer model years if you were just swapping a 95-01 axle shaft into a 91-94 x...:scratch:

No they have the C-clips also

...I need to re-evaluate what I thought I had received as a 95-01 8.8 axle shaft then...It does not have a c-clip groove on it..:dunno:

PIc of the Mystery Axle Shaft?

The flanges on the outside pretty much says aftermarket shaft + C-clip eliminator kit. A regular 8.8 axle shaft keeps its bearing(s) on the axle tube (not the shaft).

I know i'm thread digging here :D Sorry! I believe that 86 and up mustangs share the 8.8 along with our explorers. So, am I able to use a mustang ring and pinion in my ex as long as its the same spline count? The spline count i'm looking for is the pinion spline count or the axle shaft spline count?

I have a '01 Sport and here's what i;m looking at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/160736124491?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

Hi everyone I was wondering if its possible to swap the 8.8 rear with a 9" rear on a 94 sport 2wd...

98 Ford Ranger axle swap?

Hello, I was just wanting to know about swapping a 2001 explorer sport 3-73 8.8 for what I have in my 98 Ranger 3L73 8.8, would there be any issues? Thanks Duke