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8.8 Cross Pin Diameter On Ranger 8.8's?


March 24, 2003
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Tucson, AZ
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Okay I have done the searches but I can't figure out the diameter of the 8.8 cross pin on the Ranger's. Everything I have read says 86 and older used the 3/4 cross pin but I have found this Powertrax No Slip that came from a '95 Ford Ranger V6 4x4 Sport and it had a 3/4 pined No Slip in it. He lists it as a 31 splined unit from an 8.8. Can I put this unit in an 8.8 31 spline unit that came from an Explorer with 4.56 gears? I have been told that 4.56's will also need a notched cross pin, is this required with the No Slip. Or did ALL 8.8's from Explores come with the 7/8 pin? Thanks a million guys. Help me shed some light on the subject!


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should be the same, but what do I know :)

i think that locker on ebay is wrong.
I've called a couple dealerships and they ALL said the 1995 ranger had a 28 spline, not a 31. It doesn't seem to match up with what he is saying, unless he got a new axle and everything.
I dunno about the center pin though. I am pretty sure they are different, but the Ford guys couldn't tell for sure either way.

I have seen

home grown pin notches. some pretty and some not. It should be the same if it is a 95. Email the e-bayer and them to measure for you.

Well the problem is that he doesn't answer his emails. I called Randy's Ring and Pinion. I was told that all Explorer 8.8's have the 7/8 pin.