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92' Explorer A/C


June 16, 2005
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Phoeniz, Az
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'92 XLT
I am restoring my 92' XLT. new engine, cooling system, brakes and A/C. The a/c work was done professional, new compressor, accumulator, tube and system flush (expensive!) The system seemed to work fine until the weather got really hot here in Phoenix ,+105. But it never blew painfully cold air like my new Chevy p/u can. I also noticed the a/c would cycle just seconds after it was switched on. It will also cycle at fast idle when it is not blowing really cold air. Now that is hot here the best it will do is about 56 degree at the center vent when running a hiway speeds. And I can feel it cycling when it is only blowing 56 degree air.
I have disconnected the clutch cycling pressure (ccps) switch and put a jumper wire across the connector terminals then drove at hiway speeds. This got me 38 degree air with the fan at medium speed. Again this is with the outside temp at 105+.
Can I assume the a/c is charged properly and working fine except for the CCPS? And how do I set up the a/c to get the most out of it?


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I have a 92 with similar problems and believe it is due to an improper fill on my part--did it myself.
I suggest taking it to qualified mechanic and get the system drained and vacuumed and them installing the proper amount of freon.

Can you tell me where the ccps is located?

On the accumulator.

your problem is either in the low pressure cutout, or the charge.....at least those are the easy predictions.

Thanks Glacier991, Since I posted I have bought the a/c test gauges and the Mastercool Service Manual. This service manual is excellent and has service info that applies directly to the 92'. Turns out the problem is low charge, now that I can see on the gauges what the system is doing. At least now I am not at the mirsey of the a/c tech.