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93 xlt maf problems


August 25, 2010
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northwest ohio
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93 4.0 xlt
with WOT (from a stop or at any speed) cuts rpms to an idle and will stall if pedal kept depressed. FPR i assume is good. checked with pressure test. new IAC, MAF, FUEL PUMP, fuel intake line,starter, battery, fuel filter, ect, brakebooster,TPS,plugs and wires, coil pack, an o2 sensor, and an injector.......... no vac leaks........idle is ok without maf plugged in a little rough, but not bad. just alot of black smoke, and 9 miles a gallon.....unplugged im getting 11 mpg and runs good with a little stumble when under 15 mph. but WOT is great without maf? and visce versa. im on the last straw. paid more for parts then i did for truck. thanks to all you knowledgable and insightful people. i'm open to all suggestions.:exp:

does anyone know what the chances of it being the ecc?

sounds like mine when the lower intake plenum gasket sucked thru. It was the one under the fuel rail, not the one you see when the upper intake is removed.

thanks ill check it. i think that the ecc is fried. i unplugged a new intake air temp sensor and its running better............wow it runs better with mulitipal sensors unplugged? i replaced 2 injectos bout 6 months ago. so ill check for a leak in the am. thanks again