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94 ex 4wd 4.0 AT


August 27, 2007
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dickerson md
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91 xlt
truck was fine one day, the next day the trans fluid had dropped 3 quarts and would not move....you can fill it and get it going but it quickly loses the fluid when in use. It seems to retain the fluid while staying in one spot? Any clue on this....certain people think it means the trans is shot but in my experience-you dont lose a trans over night. i am running a 91 ex with a 94 trans and its been losing its mind for over a year....i just replaced the vac modulator on it and first it seemed to be still bad but after getting the fluid just right-it seems just fine....BUT the 94-this seems to be a totally different deal...i can see there is fluid getting all over the underguts but cannot actually see a leak. I was thinking maybe the lines had gotten messed up but cant actually see where they go...going to check that radiator since i saw something about that causing an issue....i know the thermostat needs replacing...