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94 explorer limited slip or open diff??


June 19, 2002
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Vancouver B.C Canada
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1994 explorer XLT
Hey another question I have a 94 explorer XLT 4x4 and I want to know if the rear differential is a limited slip or open? because I want a locker for the rear, If its a limited slip I was told I would have to buy a new carier for a lockrite locker.

Thankx Dan:redexp: :redexp:

Two ways to check: Get down on the ground. Locate your rear axle, Look on the pumpkin, There should be a metal tag on the pumpkin towards the right side. If you have Limited slip, it will read: 3 . 7 3 L 8.8

Or if you want to stay standing up, open your driver side door and look at your axle code on that white door sticker. If it reads "D4" you have 3.73 Limited slip.

Thankx mine is a limited slip it checked out both ways.