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95 explorer help please


March 29, 2009
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98 explorer
i have a 95 ford explorer i bought it used about a yaer ago an i have a couple problems one is the cruise control the light will flash on the dash when i push the set button but it will do nothing it has not work from the day i got it i tryed to do the test i seen on here push the off and turned the key no light i only see the light blink when im up about 40 mph .two is when i go to start it some times it will just click but i would have to wiggle the key or turn it off then back on. it has not done that for 2-3 months but i still have a problem with the radio when i go to start it or turn the key to start the motor plus sometimes after turning the key to acc then start it from acc the radio will blink and it will go am and the clock will go to 12:00 .reset it then it wont do it for sometime then all of a sudden it will do it if i can get some details about the fix like pics etc.....................................thank u so much

I am no electrical expert by no means, but it sounds like you might have a bad ignition switch, or you have a loose connection to the ignition switch. Try a search, type in some key words, like...ignition switch replacement, or steering column wiring, or how to replace cruise control....just keep trying the search feature in the stock 2nd gen 95 to 01 sub forum. Where you post your question, and how you word your question will make the difference on your responses.

Good luck, and happy searching!