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95 Limited EATC Issues and Air Suspension


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January 18, 2009
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Tigard, Oregon
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'95 Limited
I've been driving my '95 Limited for 217,000 of its 213,000 miles. It's still got the original 4.0L Mitsubishi engine, and its compression is still 150-160 on all cylinders, with 155 being the average and median. What an engine! Finally beginning to make lifter noises, so maybe soon time for an overhaul. But that's not why I'm writing. I've got two sets of issues:
1. The EATC hasn't quite worked right since I got it:
a. the fan has only ever worked on the full ON/HIGH position, which I'm assuming is due to the front blower resistor (on order, to be replaced soon.)
b. a couple years back, started getting only cold air out of the system - no heat. The vehicle has alway been sort of cold-blooded - the temp meter only get out of the bottom fourth of the range when I'm towing my pop-up uphill for extended periods (on US26 through the Mt Hood National Forest, for instance.) However, even with the temp meter near the "C" position, I used to get acceptable heat. I've removed and tested the blend door actuator - seems to work fine and EATC diagnostics show no errors, just "888", so my conclusion is the blend door itself has failed. This is corroborated by my feeling no contact when I stick my pinky into the now-open hole for the actuator shaft. So far so good.
c. Since I've embarked on all this troubleshooting, the blown air only goes through the defroster vents - no floor, no panel vents. ????

2. The air ride suspension has finally died, and Ford wants $2000 to replace it. I'm considering just going to a non-air suspension - any suggestions as to best aftermarket alternatives? I've seen coil spring bolt-ons advertised, but my usual mechanic thinks leaf springs would be the way to go.

Welcome to EF.

1. Your engine is a 4.0 Cologne OHV V6. Manufactured in Germany, not a Mitsubishi.
2. You can convert to non air ride suspension by simply replacing your shock absorbers with conventional ones and removing all the air ride components. Just adding coil spring bolt-ons or new leaf springs will still leave you with non functioning shock absorbers. There are several threads on here that address that issue.