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95 sportX

hello. ive been postin here for a couple months now. and i just now noticed this forum. so i just figured id say hi. i was also wondering if there was anyone else in my area with street explorers. im in San Rafael CA wich is in the bay area. so yeah. hi everyone

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hey mike, you already know me from here... i am the local law man of the site... @ least in ca... i am not a cop though just very educated with the laws... i live in fremont which is only like 40 minutes from you... i dont have a street X but i am going to make mine a drag racing street & 4x4ing offroad vehicle

right on. =) ive always wanted to make mine into a drag explorer. only problem is i have the V6. but oh well ive decided not to put any more work into the engine and just to work on the stereo and cosmetic stuff and keep this for a daily driver. im about to buy a 68 cougar with a 302 in it, rip out the 302 and put a ford 514 bracket race engine in it.
and that will be my drag car =)

i have the 6 too.... but in a et bracket race it doesnt matter if you have a fast or slow car... they make it so the car you race is evenly matched.... if my X runs an 18 second 1/4 mile and my friends car runs a 8.5 second 1/4 then i wil go 9.5 seconds before him..... it boils down to who had the quicker light... if he goes faster than 8.5 and i run a 20 second 1/4 then i win....... he automatically loses for a false dial in time.....

yeh but its not just bracket races. i want to be able to smoke people at stop lights. im allowed to do stupid stuff like that, im a college student. =)

mikeresin, what kind of system are you planning?

u mean stereo system?


yes, stereo system

u mean stereo system?
if you are... i have a sony deck right now, the one with the black screen that flips down with all the silver buttons. (forgot the model)
i have a 1000w peak power sony amp
i HAD 2 12" rockford punch XLC subs.
but one of those blew and since they dont make em any more i could get another so i sold em both for $75.
i still have the box. its just a standard box. i just got paid today and was thinking about going down and buying some new subs. i only have about 250-300 to spend so i want to get whats best for the money. i dont know what yet though. you sell car audio right leenjen?
what do you think i should get?
the other problem i am haveing with it is when i had the subs in there they wernt hitting as hard as they should. and i couldnt figure out how to set it up so that i could turn the bass down on my 5x7's and have all the bass come from the subs. i know nothing of car stereos. help please?

mike acording to law.. :) you cant do stupid stuff like that ... it is very cop attracting !!!!!

well, peak power doesnt mean anything. the RMS is probably about 500wX1@4ohms. if you run the speakers off the headunit, keep the bass at 0. let the subs handle all the bass. if you get an amp to run the full range speakers, use the high pass crossover. there are plenty of good subs you can get for $250-300.
you could get a pair of Orion XTR 12" or 15" subs. you'll need to get the DVC models (12d or 15d).


or you could get a single 12" or 15" rockford HX2 subwoofer. you will need the dual 2-ohm voice coil sub.

these subs sound really good. with your amp you only have enough power to drive one, but it will still hit hard. ((a lot harder than your 2 XLC subs)

yeh but i already have a box for 2 12"s and cantafford to buy another box. im just looking for 2 12"s that will run off the amp i already have. some that i dont have to order online either, that i can go to the store and buy.
im without a credit card =/

i'm sure you could find a car stereo shop that sells Orion subs. go to a real stereo shop, not Best Buy or Circuit City. they probably have a demo car you could sit in and listen to. they'll help you get some real kick a$$ subs.

if you dont have a credit card, you could always send a check or money order. that's what i used to do before my cards.

no checks and money orders are a pain.
the thing about going to best buy or what not is that they are hella cheaper. and they also offer warrenties on there crap for cheap.
i bought my xlcs at a stereo shop and they didnt offer warrenties. then i was $hit outa luck.
what do you think about JL's? im about to leave work in like 10 mins and head down to good guys or best buy and see what they have. i just want something that sounds good and wont blow on me.

JL w3's and w6's are very good. the other lines kinda suck.

any manufacturer offers a warranty, no matter where you buy it.

if you buy Orion XTRs from a stereo shop, they come with a lifetime warranty. i got mine replaced twice for free.

you could get some infinity subs, they're decent. i think best buy might have them.

either way, i'd go with a professional car audio shop before a superstore. ask about the manufacturer's warranty, should be at least a year. but some are longer.

i went down to good guys after work and they wanted 200 bucks each for the jl w3's. so i didnt get em. then i went down to best buy and found some subs that sounded damn good. IMPP subs in a bandpass box. that thing knocked. what do you think of those subs?

they're decent subs. if you like them, that is all that matters. i'm sure they will sound great in your explorer. but dont use a bandpass box. that signifigantly narrows the frequency range and diminishes the sound quality.

as far as the subs go: if they sound good, and the price is right, go for it. but i dont know if they'll hit as hard as your rockford subs. you heard them in the store. all speakers and subwoofers sound different in the car. Ask what their return policy is. then you can be sure that you like them. good luck, and keep us informed.

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ok ill look into that more, thank you! =)