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'98 Mountaineer Audio Mess


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February 6, 2009
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Rutland VT
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98 Mountaineer
I have a '98 Mountaineer. I went to replace the factory audio system with one of my own. No plugs going to the back of the factory unit - just a spaghetti mess of wires going to pins. Unplugged the radio, and my car didn't start for 5 days (shorted the transceiver). Got the car going - the new radio back in - on "Radio" mode, I have front speakers w/full control of all functions (volume, balance, etc.) & no rear speakers. On "CD" mode I have rear speakers with no control of functions, and no front speakers. Every wiring diagram I have ever seen has the factory amp wire as blue - however, I have no blue wire in the harness. Can the factory amp wire be any other color than blue? I hope so...thanks!

It sounds like you have a faulty Head Unit, if everything is wired properly then I cant think of any reason different speakers would work on different settings on the hu....
also make sure you dont just have the faders set weird or something.