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Speaker level imput w/ rear audio control?


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April 8, 2004
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Sheffield Lake, Ohio
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2000 Limited 5.0
I'm having problems with hooking my MTX amp to my 2000 Explorer Limited with premium sound. I like how the factory system sounds, I just want to add a little bass. The problem is when I hook up the speaker level imputs (built into the amp), it ONLY works when I turn on the dual audio control from the back seat. I tried hooking the imputs to both rear speakers, the front speaker, and the factory sub in the rear panel before and after the factory amp. I even pulled out the head unit and tried connecting to the speaker wire outputs. Once again it was a VERY weak signal until I turned on the dual audio control, then it sounded great. I tried disconecting the rear audio control with no affect. So I know there is no problem with the amp or sub, it's just the dual audio control that I can't figure out. If any one could help me out, it would save me a lot MORE time and money. Thanks