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99 explorer no reverse


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September 27, 2011
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lebanon oregon
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1999 ford explorer xlt
please help I have a 99 explorer xlt and no reverse all other gears shift smoothly and ive put a thousand miles on it since reverse went out if it was a band then i wouldnt have 1st gear right? can this be fixed without removing the tranny ?

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also it made a clunking noise when it first went out and when its in reverse now it seems as if it is in nuetral

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. But I do believe you are correct in saying that if you lost reverse you should have lost 1st gear as well.

You may have a transfer case issue and not a transmission issue.

this happened to my 2000 sport as well .you will still have first gear .
what you lose is first gear engine braking(slowing of vehicle by engine),put it in first gear ,get some speed up ,then let off the gas ,i will bet it just keeps on rolling ,if so then your reverse band is broken.
if it has engine braking then the reverse band would still be good.

mine broke the same way ,pulled forward,went to go in reverse (bang) then no reverse no more.

used trans at most junk yards...500.00

i got mine used from a tow service for 350.00 before it hit the junkyard.
install was 500.00 (i have 4 wheel drive so that adds to the labor)thru my mechanic.

good luck

ps- drove mine around for a couple months with the broken reverse band .forward was still going strong when we swapped it .

cool well in the morning i will try the engine braking and go from there thx guys i appreciate the advice.

So .... went out to the old explorer this morning fired her up and dropped it into 1st and took off as i let off the gas sure enough still going had to use the brake to slow down.

hopefully i can drive her for a while before fixing the trans just bought the thing a couple weeks before it went out