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a few dimensions needed for a receiver hitch


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January 6, 2005
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I have no clue what forum this belong in. Moderators feel free to move it if its wrong. It is not stock on mine...so its a modified question????

Anway, I intend to make a few accessories for my X over the course of the summer. One is a receiver hitch similar to the picture below. Just to build it safely I need to know the following.

1. If you have one like it, is yours a class III?

2. How thick is the plate that bolts to the frame (1/4", 3/8", XX)?

3. What is the O.D. (outside diameter) of the pipe?

The rest of it I can work out to make it fit my application and draw up the plans.

Thanks in advance,

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Honestly, they're not that expensive, mine was only $120, which looks the same as that. Something thats going to carry that much weight, I'd much rather buy it.

Thats true...except I can overbuild it for free. Free is a lot cheaper than $120 to a guy like me. Mine will be much heavier than factory as is everything I build. I don't know how many people tried to buy the one off my ranger. I will use heavier plate as well as sch 80 or 120 pipe. I just need a baseline to work from.

I drew up my shackle plans to level my X a few minutes ago. The plans are is based on the warrior design, but heavier and will be free. It is not to lift it either as the warrior ones would do. I like to build/design my own stuff, can you tell?

Just so you know...I grew up in a steel fab shop (have access to an industrial one) and know how to build almost anything I need.

More power to ya then! Wish I could do that!! I'll try and get some specs off of mine. Might not be until Sunday though.

Thanks, I would appreciate it. I am not in a rush or anything. I have several projects that I want to build over the summer similar to this. The shackles are first on the list though, since the sketches are ready. They won't take long to build/install.

Hopefully we will get the shackles built Monday and ready for some primer/paint. Then install sometime later this week. I will start on my sketches for the hitch as soon as I get some basic info. Anyone?

Next weekend is a new oil pump in dads f-150 though :(

i got a hitch from a u-pull-it yard for $20. you can also get them at auto salvage yards for around $50

Local yards are not a very good option for me, since they only have very old stuff. Older than 89 anyway. Lots of first gen rangers and B IIs. I have yet to even see a first gen X at any of them. That is a good idea for most people though.

Its a lot easier for me to just build one from scratch with new material than to modify one. I currently have some huge medical bills and free is a good thing. Its either build one or don't have one. :frustrate (frustrated smilie)

I will start drawing up plans using 3/8" plate and 2 1/2" SCH 80 pipe. That should be heavier that the ones I saw in the online pics. If someone posts later and its heavier, I will just have to revise my drawings. Its not rush or anything, but I want to get the drawings started. I have enough actual work for this week (see above post).

My Hidden Hitch is made with 1/4" thick brackets that bolt to the frame, and 1/4" thick rectangualr tubing. There is a strengthening brace that runs from the outside of the mounting bracket back to the frame (oriented to miss the spring shackle) that's 3/8" thick. I'll take pictures for you if you want (PM your email address to me).


Bronco638 sent me some nice pics to work from. Thank you very much. So far I have not found any heavy wall pipe like I intended to use. ;( I have to use drops from jobs to keep the cost down (free). I did find some 2" X 3" X 1/4" wall tube on the yard. I am thinking this will be stronger anyway, assuming I can figure out how to make it fit. My shackles are done and painted now. When we get my dads f-150 going again (oil pump went out), I will install them.

Thanks again for the help guys.

I'm sorry, I forgot all about this. If you need any dimensions, just shoot me a PM.

Its no problem. Like I said earlier its no rush on anything. I have pics of how his is mounted now. That was a tremendous help. The ones they have online must be a generic pic. There is no way that would fit my X with the shackles and rear springs where they are. I think I have all I need to get started. I just need time now. The work keeps piling up and not getting finished. :(