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A question about EPC solenoid compatibility between 4R55E transmissions...


November 13, 2009
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Hey guys,

Getting ready to dive into updating a few of the common problem areas on my 255K mile '95 Limited's trans. (adding drain plug, shift kit, updated separator plate gaskets, updated solenoid bracket, band adjustment, etc) and figure that I might as well replace the EPC solenoid while I'm at it. The trans is a Ford remanufactured unit and has roughly 55K miles since I had it installed, and I'm assuming they didn't replace the solenoids on the rebuild.

Shifting seems okay, if not a little soft, but occasionally the rpm will rise quite a bit and the trans will refuse to upshift if the gas is floored at freeway speeds and a downshift occurs, which I guess is a shift flare issue? Also, around every 10K miles, the trans will go into limp mode and throw a code, which until recently I didn't know I couldn't read with my OBD2 scanner. Hasn't happened recently, so I have no idea what the code is. The trans does start to shift firmer just before it happens. I do get the off-throttle, downshift clunk when coasting to a stop and there's also a slight delay when going into reverse. Fluid looks okay, but I think I'll avoid getting it flushed (third transmission it's had, first two were flushed religiously and both still died around 100K freeway, no-towing, miles).

Finally, on to my question :D I'm assuming the transmission is correct internally for a '95 Explorer. I haven't torn into it to see what's in there...just gathering parts right now. But if it's for a later model Explorer that uses the red-banded EPC solenoid, should I use the green-banded solenoid that's correct for a '95? In other words, are there other internal differences in later model year transmissions that would dictate I use anything other than the correct solenoid for a '95? I'm guessing that the type of solenoid used is only determined by the PCM used, but I want to make sure before I buy the solenoid.

Thanks :)

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Thanks for the reply. I was under the impression that the 4R55E was used after '96.

My 96 xlt has a 4r55e with the green band EPC. I tried to "upgrade" my green to red and it backfired. The trans shifted funky and just felt wrong. Put the green one back in and all went back to normal...

Much appreciated...I'll order the green one.

question to this... i have a 96 limited with a rebuilt ford tranny as well. It has 60K on it and is flaring up.

I put a rebuilt valvebody in it 10K miles ago that helped the flare but its now back!..... Im pretty sure the rebuilt valvebody i but in was late model... so im guessing its a 5r55 valvebody??? I just put the superior shift kit in and and all the indications from the directions show i have a 5r55 transmission int he truck.... does this sound correct? The EPC solenoid thats in it now is a RED band and it was working fine... so I am guessing i want to replace it with a RED banded one.... correct?