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EPC Solenoid Question


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October 10, 2010
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First off let me say that this forum has helped me tremendously in understanding the 2-3 shift flare issue that plagued the 5r55e. I have 2004 4.0 ranger with the same transmission that recently started experiencing the flare. From reading numerous threads on here it seems that the updated valve body gaskets were put in the 5r55e starting in 2003. Also from what I've read the EPC solenoid tends to wear out by about 75k miles due to the constantly modulating. I'm wondering if my flare is strictly a worn out EPC and has nothing to do with valve body gaskets since I should have the updated ones. I do have engine braking in manual first (from what I read if you don't the gaskets are blown) and the flare is not consistent nor does it occur all that often. It also never happens under full throttle. It's always between 2.5-4k RPM at part throttle. Also, sometimes the trans shifts very firm and feels brand new. Other times it is slow and sloppy. All of these symptoms are making me think the line pressure is all over the place and a new EPC will solve my problems. What are your thoughts?


Ford has tsb 05-15-03 to replace epc solenoid for 3rd gear issues. I would replace it and drive it, should be fixed. Part number XL2Z-7G383-AA

Thanks for the info! Unfortunately i injured my right hand at work today and cant use it for the next month so the solenoid replacement will be put on hold until it heals or i can find someone i trust to do the work for me.