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A4LD transmission governor


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October 31, 2002
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'92 GT, '93 Limited
Howdy. I'm bringing the Limited out of storage. Its been having the classic no-shift-when-cold, indicating a faulty transmission governor. I've red a few threads about it and would like to go ahead and replace it myself.

What's the part number, or part numbers, of the governor and anything else I need to do this? I'm thinking I'll get it through fordpartsnetwork or whatever it is these days, but may succumb to going through my dealer.

I'll also do a a DIY fluid flush and pan drop/filter change.

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Thank you Brooklyn. I actually did search and read this thread earlier tonight. Informative, but when I get the transfer case down, I'd rather replace the governor than try to clean it up. I must have missed the part #s there too. But thank you.


Thank you Brooklyn. However, in reading the rebuild diary...do I need to replace the governor "return spring"?

Thank you again. I figure it can't cost much, so I'll search that link you gave me for the spring.

When I did mine years ago.. I just said "screw it" and bought the entire assembly which came with the weight, the piston, both springs and the thing it all spins on. I didn't want to have to drop the xfer case again.

I don't remember having a heart attack about the price so it couldn't have been too much (I paid jobber price though)

Thanks Maniak, I think I'll just do that. Did you get it from a Ford dealer?

I did it at my old neighbors shop. He went to a transmission parts shop in town that normally doesn't sell to end users.. But I'm almost 100% sure that it was well under $100 for the new governer.


I see. I've got a neighbor down the street that has access to that kind of stuff. I'll ask him if he can hook me up. Thanks again.