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A4LD - VB Rebuild Partslist


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May 20, 2002
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Ontario, Canada
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06 F150 SC 5.4
I just went through the incredible A4LD rebuild diary AGAIN, and noticed the transmission parts USA link. I decided to go there and I found the TCC solenoid ford quoted me $140 for, for $13 US. So then I noticed they had BOTH solenoids as a kit for about $30 US, and my curiosity kept going.

Eventually I created my list:

MS-A4LD Master solenoid kit 1986-94
This kit contains 1-K56836 (26-40 OHM) lockup solenoid and 1-K56836A-B (26-40 OHM) 3-4 shift solenoid. Plugs to existing wire harness.

56947-03K A4LD Large Boost Valve Kit.
High ratio .338" diameter, used in 4.0L models. Restores line pressure boost.

56947-01 A4LD Manual valve index sleeve.
This sleeve fits over the manual valve and prevents the valve from moving past land position. Helps prevent a reverse delay & forward clutch failure.

23933 A4LD Shift kit®, Transgo shift kit 1985-on
Corrects, prevents or reduces direct clutch failure, soft 1-2 shift, soft lockup, 2-3 cutloose, delayed or harsh reverse, no 4th gear, 1-3 up shift at light throttle, delayed lockup release. Comes with complete, easy to follow instructions. This kit does not contain valve body gaskets or pan gasket.

23924 4R44E, 4R55E, 5R55E 4X4 filter 1995-on
Will Fit Back To 1986 4X4

23128 FORD C3, A4LD, 4R44E transmission reverse servo cover gasket 1974-on

23256K A4LD, 4R44E, 4R55E, 5R55E reverse servo piston D-ring kit
Improves reverse band apply

23141D FORD A4LD, 4R44E, 4R55E pan gasket

This all comes to a total of $102.54 US + TAX, I still will also have to buy the VB gaskets on top of that, and shipping and the currency change will probably bring me to a total of $230CA I figure.

I thought id post this here just in case anyone sees a problem with my list, or thinks there is something I should add.


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Also Ford wants about $125.00 for a flexplate. Transmission Parts USA about
under $40.00. They don't have it listed on their site. Ask Jim about it. The OEM ones that came out on 2.9's and 4.0's are flawed from the factory. Ford put out a TSB on this. Aftermarket ones are stronger and cheaper.
Alot of parts that they have for A4LD"s is not listed on their site.
Another interesting item they have are aftermarket 1/8 shift lever pins, their notched for easy removal. (thats if you can take out the original ones to be replaced).

When will you start on your Frankentranny? Found an error on the
the first one. I'd like to discuss this with you.

I didn't know that they had notched pins. That should come in handy, although I usually replace mine with a nail, and bend it back. It is really easy to remove this way. They make O ring end kits, O ring high ratio boost valves, and large ratio relief valves. A new TCC filter is a good idea. It looks like a small push in sleeve. There are 2 kinds of gaskets: the regular thickness, and the extra thick. This one is for a slightly warped valve body. They didn't sell it the last time I inquired. Maybe they do by now? You should also get new shift lever seal. They wear down, and leak after a while from moving the linkage. A drain plug in the pan is a good idea too.

Thanks for the input guys :D

I think the TCC filter comes with the first item, but I could be mistaken..

I have no idea what a flex plate is, well I probably do, however I'm not familiar with the name.

I was thinking about the O ring end kits however I dont know if they make a big difference? Also I'll have to add the large relief valves to the list. This will be the 2nd valve body rebuild I will do, first one I did roughly this time last year. I also have no idea how to tell if my VB is warped, probably a safe bet just to get the thick ones?

Thanks again guys.

Put it on a flat surface, and place a light on one side. If there is a small gap, then it has a little warpage. I prefer to use the thicker ones anyway. Some people will say that it's not necessary, but then for a dollar more it pays to get better parts.

Thanks brooklyn, helps a bit with finding part numbers there :D

I think I will be ordering the parts after christmas (so I can actually afford them...).