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Getting ready for a rebuild


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March 16, 2007
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04 Ranger Edge
Alright, so my A4LD is ready for a rebuild, it goes into all gears, but shifting is badly fubar'd. I could probably get away with just a VB rebuild, but I might just go ahead and do it all while I can. Anyways, here is my list of parts, tell me if there is any essentials I need that I don't have on there. I am trying to keep it as cheap as possible, but I want it to work. So here is the list:


Part# Item Price
56947-01 Manual Valve Indexer Sleeve $17.69
56947-02K Large Boost Valve $24.39
23933 Transgo Shift Kit $20.06
23TM00 Transmission Repair Manual $15.28
56947-14K Valve Body End Plug Kit $13.31
13501 Transmission Cooler $32.97
23003 Master Rebuild Kit $69.86
MS-A4LD Solenoid Kit $27.79
23997 Int and Overdrive Band (2) $15.02
23999 Reverse Band $9.98
23924 Filter $6.49


S56165E Superior Shift Correction Package $45.40

That's it. It includes everything Glacier recommended for a VB Rebuild, and other stuff for the rest. Remember, this transmission works fairly well, it just doesn't shift worth a darn. So I figure this should keep me for awhile, just let me know if I need anything else. Thanks in advance.

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Well, I've really thought about just the Valve Body, but with 209,000 Miles, the rest can't be far behind. I thought servos might be mentioned. I might add those. Never even thought about a drain plug or a temp gauge, I'll have to see what I can do there, too. I would do a filter, but I'm more worried about cooling first. Maybe later down the line.

Edit: Best place to get the drain plug and gauge?

AlDive has an aluminum heat sink called the cooler collar around his external filter. It lowers the temperature by 4 degrees Fahrenheit. The filter has to be mounted in the front to take advantage of air circulation around it.

You will need the thrust washer kit as well as the sonnax low sprag end cap & washer kit. The end cap kit is an upgrade from the older sprag washers. If your trans is shifting fine, I wouldn't bother with the solenoids. Don't forget, if you get a new torque converter, make sure its a HD low stall unit. There are quite a few pages of part for the A4LD on the TranspartsUSA website. some stuff was under the Mazda side too.

Yea, I've thought about the TC, but since mine works perfectly still, I think I will take my chances and use the old one. If it wasn't for the money issue, I would replace it, but I'm trying to keep this whole thing as cheap as possible and still make it work.

alright, alight. I'll replace it. I guess I shouldn't take my chances on that one. Especially considering that it (and the whole vehicle for that matter) have to hell and back. I guess just because it works now, doesn't mean it will work tomorrow

I wish, I had money to rebuild mine. Id go 2 a junkyard and find anther one with only 80 or 100k on it. I have non experince on Trans's nor do I want to,,,it seems like hit or miss hassles...