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ABS light on


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November 27, 2008
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northwest Indiana
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2000 XLT
i Have a 2000 XLT a few months back we had some heave rain and during the rain my abs light came on i figured "it was because of being so wet or something and will dry out then everything will be A-ok" 2 months later light is still on my brakes have never felt any different and my speedo works fine(seen where it has caused problems in this forum) i called my local auto zone to see if there OBD reader will read abs and they said NO so how can i figure out what is wrong i would hate to spend the money on new sensors only to find out it is the abs motor??(didnt know there was a abs motor) dont laugh just being honest. I normally dont work on my vehicles i have mech do it but times are tight so i have to do it my self so how can i tell what the prob is for sure???