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AC Short Cycling


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December 21, 2007
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South Jersey
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99 Mountaineer V6 4x4
As the title states my ac is short cycling. The compressor cycles on and off in short intervals. The longest it stays on is about 15 seconds, but average is usually 5 seconds or so. The air does blow cold but every once in a while at idle it will blow warm. I hooked up the charge/test manifold and when the compressor is on it reads full but when it's off it goes into the red( needs service/overpressure) zone on the gauge. Any ideas? I'm all ears.


I hope someone answers, because that pretty much describes what's going on with my AC. When it blows cold, it blows COLD. But pretty much only when under throttle. When I slow at a stop light or stop sign, it starts to heat back up again . . .

mine too!! PLEASE!! anyone??????