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Another cruel World story...


November 2, 2002
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Mocksville, NC
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92 XLT 4 Door
Originally posted by jon42
According to the ATSG manual the sprag clutch and the o/d clutch handle the torque in the drive (3) position.In the O/D position the sprag clutch in the centershaft handles ALL the torque through all the gear ranges.Sounds like a puried sprag to me.The no# 2 bearing between the planet and centershaft has probably left the building too.Park it,pull it,disect it.Learn something about your trany. Automatics are a fun learning experience.Easy to rebuild.Your probably need about $120 in hard parts and a $90 shekel friction and seal kit. Oh yeah...get a $25 manual from ATSG. Youll need a pair of C clip pliers a screw driver,1 or 2 allen wrenches and 3 sockets to tear it down and re assemble.Go for it and if you get scared there lots of veterans in the forums to talk you through it. Im in the midst of one right now.Oh yeah...the 4r44e and 4r55e are electronic shift units. The E stands for electronic.They will bolt up...but they wont shift unless you install the 96 and newer grey matter and wiring. If you forgo the rebuild and go with a remmaned unit....find a 92 or newer A4LD.Seems Ford re examined thier engineering and modified it that year with heavier parts.:cool:

Thanks for the headsup Jon. I guess if I decide to dig in the A4LD, then I will learn something new.:eek: That is the only part on a Ford that I have yet to play with. I got a quote from a friend of mine that works in a shop for 1000.00 to rebuild with heavier quality parts, beef her up so she wont die again. Ive considered trying to find a 94 reman, since they seem to be the best built of the A4LD's. Ill keep everyone informed about what I decide to do. Thanks to everyone who has commented on the problem and for being such a huge help:) Im glad we have a support forum like this! Have a good day everyone!