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Antenna Problem - Almost no radio reception


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November 8, 2004
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Ann Arbor, MI
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'97 Sport 4x4
Just got a new Alpine HU installed in my 97 2-door 4x4 for 2 reasons: 1. need a cd player, and 2. factory stereo had no radio reception. My installer alerted me to the fact that either my antenna mast, or the cable running from the antenna to the stereo is the problem, and claimed that he saw it on Ford trucks all the time. The vehicle has had the problem for a long time. Any thoughts? Corroded contacts? Broken cable? Anything else? Anybody know a fix for this? I'd really like to do something easier than re-routing a whole new cable, as that requires disassembling the inner fender well, and going through the fire wall. Is there an aftermarket hidden antenna kit that would be easier to install and work well? Any other thoughts?

I'd really appreciate any help you guys can give me!

AN aftermarket kit would be easier. You can test for continuity with a multimeter thru the antenna to the lead at the head unit. You can find an aftermarket kit at your local parts dealer. There is easy install instructs.