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Anti-Theft Flashing Lights

Is it possible that there is a loose connection from the anti-theft module? I had problems when I first got the car with the rear window buttons not working and took off the switch panel and found the connection was loose. The same thing happened recently with the brake sensor coming loose, so I couldn't shift out of park and the brake lights weren't working. So if anyone knows where the anti-theft module is on a 02-05 explorer it would be helpful information. Also, any thoughts on it just being a loose connection or something else would be appreciated.

While we are on thie subject...

Is there a way to make the alarm actually go off other then hitting the panic button? I've tried different methods, nothing seems to work..

My '04 will flash the turn signals/tail lights once when I hit the button once, flash again an chirp the horn when I hit it a second time within few second time frame. When I unlock it, the puddle and interior lights come on, but no lights flash. I like the way it works.

As far as the alarm, I believe it's only a panic alarm, not a true anti-theft alarm, so the only way to set it off is the red button, either by pressing it, or letting something in your pocket hit it, lol.

We don´t have an alarm, Ford didn´t offer one, we have a keyless entry and some will honk if you open the door, that´s it, if you want one you need to go aftermarket, there are some that you can add on to the keyless, where the arm input is hooked to the lock, and the disarm to the unlock, that way you lock with your keyless and activate the alarm, close the windows, etc...
I went out today with my stock remote and it did flash when activated