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[B]Please Help ASAP! Install Stock 2000 HU in '97 Mounty


January 14, 2006
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'97 5.0 AWD
I am trying to replace a 2000 Stock HU w/CD controls to replace my '97 stock premium system w/CD changer in center console.

I went into this knowing the harnesses were different but using the wiring diagrams from my '97 tec CD, I thought I could do it.

I purchased a Metra 60-1771 (same as 71-1771 with a few more wire options) and spliced into the stock power and speaker harness.

I plugged the Metra harness into the 2000 HU and I am getting power but no sound. [I have not by-passed the amp].

I read in another thread that by-passing the amp was not necessary if you trigger the amp by connecting the "blue wire from the radio to the blue wire on the harness".

This "blue wire" is the logic mute according to the wire diagram and does feed the amp.

However, I am confused as to what wire from the Metra harness I should connect to the logic mute? [Would this be the phone mute (brown) or amp turn on (blue/white) from the Metra harness?

Secondly, my stock wire harness has wires for CD L&R inputs into the radio. How would I wire these into the 2000 HU?

I'd appreciate help. Thanks everyone. :exporange

Ok - I was able to get the amp to switch on by connecting the amp on wire to an ignition source.

I would still appreciate any info regarding the wiring the center console CD into the radio harness.