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Back from Moab - put your photos and stories here

Originally posted by Aquaman

Yes, ya'll guessed correctly!

The legs belong to Rick and Char!

Now was it a bad hair day or were they getting an air enima? :rolleyes:

Oh man, I'm hanging onto this one...

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That is an awesome photo!

If they would just build a huge lake right there I may be able to get my fiance to go with me next year for a picture like that.....

She wont go on vacation to the desert unless we are taking the boat....of course A/C sure would help me plea my case!!!!

And she drives a 97 Wrangler with 32's!!!!!!!

Geesh....I would hang a photo like that above my couch.....

Wow the more I read and the more pictures I see the wilder it get's. It's great to see explorers and Rangers built up and taking on trails that just 5 years ago would of been impossible.:cool: This should of been the run the Ford reps tagged along on. It would of really blown their minds seeing so many ex's running 35s and so heavily modified.:confused:

Ray, sorry to hear about your break down. Like you said maybe it's time for a change:D By the way how did the bumper do.

Gerald, did you sign and date your mark so future generations may know the legend of the "HERC"

Hey Jared you have to do something about that e-brake.;)

Rick the Pumkin really looks awesome on the Golden Crack. It seems you have everything pretty dialed in. By the way if you and Char lose anymore weight I won't recognize you next time I visit.:D

I will galdly donate the prize to the runner up... :)

Originally posted by Aquaman

Yes you do Kris. Your prize is the socks that Rick and Char were wearing in that photo. See Rick to collect your prize. :p

Very cool, thanks Brian! When I get home they'll be Mac friendly, too ;)

Great pics of that dirt hill ;)