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Baja: Mission Impossible, San Borja, Coco's Corner

Ken Cooke

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April 18, 2000
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Riverside, California
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'03 Rubicon - Tomb Raider
Mission Impossible is considered to be the toughest trail in Baja, Mexico. With steep dropoffs, granite boulders, a bottomless swamp, and prickly cactii along the trail, traveling alone is not advised.


Trail Bosses:
Ken and Suzanne Cooke of Just Runs and Rubicon Owners of CA will lead the Impossible, San Borja, Gonzaga to San Felipe.
Brad and Rhoda Green of Red Rock 4 Wheelers, Inc. will lead the Bahia Las Animas section.

Saturday, November 18 through Saturday, November 25, 2006.

Run Type:
Bobtail Run - Camping (+ occasional hoteling) out of our Jeeps & SUVs.

Difficulty Rating:

3+ [1 TAD* strongly suggested, 31” tires REQUIRED, 32” strongly suggested.(Mission Impossible - "Toughest Trail in Baja" - Carlos Fiesta),
2 [AT or MT tires Required, Anti-Sway Bar Disconnect Strongly Recommended. ] (Mission San Borja - "In a 2WD vehicle, you probably won't get too far" -
1 [Aftermarket shocks, 30" Tires] (Dirt road from Laguna Chapala to Puertecitos - "Endless Washboard road along the gulf" - Ken Cooke).

Detailed Directions to meeting place: Take Interstate 5 into San Diego, CA. Continue south on I-5 south of Hwy 8 and Hwy 94. Exit at Via De San Ysidro. Stop at light at end of offramp. Go right. Continue through intersection. Instant Mexico Insurance's Offices are located on the right hand side - Meeting Place:

Instant Mexico Auto Insurance Services
223 Via De San Ysidro
San Ysidro, CA 92173
(619) 428-4714 or 428-3583

Exact Departure Time from Meeting Place:
7:30 a.m. Please be prompt.

Required Documents:
Birth Certificate or US Passport for $25 Immigration Documents. Mexican Driving Insurance Coverage (can be purchased at Instant Mexico Insurance), Mexican or U.S. Driver's License (for drivers).

Required Equipment:
(2) 5 Gal. Gerry cans - You will need these if gas is not available in Catavina (which is sold out of 50 gal. drums) and San Luis Gonzaga (which has a PEMEX station, but no reliable hours of operation). From Mission Impossible to L.A. Bay, and L.A. Bay to San Felipe we will have a long drive, making these cans valuable.
Tow Points Front and Rear - If your lockers or working limited slip unit goes out, you will need tow points and a good tow strap.
CB Radio - We will use these to stay in touch on the trail while in our rigs.
Fire Extinguisher - You never know...
Swaybar Disconnects - You will need all of the available traction on Mission Impossible that can be afforded. Install yours today, please.
Tires with reliable sidewalls and good tread - We have a wet swamp to cross which may require winching to get across. Be sure your Mud-Terrain or All-Terrain tires are in good condition, and with plenty of tread - no bald "Racing Slicks").

Please send an Email or make a phone call as soon as you have decided to join this run. While there is no limit to number of folks who can attend, we will need to discuss documentation and logistics with plenty of lead time.
An RSVP is required - please email me at You will need to reserve your own room at Baja Cactus in El Rosario.
Mission Impossible + Bahia Las Animas + Gonzaga Bay camping and 'wheeling

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Signing up to see who else is doing this. Doubt if I will make it but I'm curious.

Positive Vibes said:
Signing up to see who else is doing this. Doubt if I will make it but I'm curious.

Brad & Rhoda Green, myself and the Mrs., Victor Chacon & wife & son, Chris Glass (most likely), Mike Hendrick, Jim Grier, Jay & Donna Wheeler. These are my early RSVPs.

Chris Glass' Built Ford Ex:

Chris Glass standing on rear bumper, trying to push Jeep up a hill:

Ken, once we cross the border, how many miles total do you think until return to the border??

Positive Vibes said:
Ken, once we cross the border, how many miles total do you think until return to the border??

405 Mi. to Bay of LA (Bahia de los Angeles) each way from border + 'wheeling = ~1,000 mi. Here's a map to place some names with places...