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Baja Quickie Run

Ken Cooke

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April 18, 2000
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Suzanne and I have been talking about our trip MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND down to Baja, and I have been kicking around several thoughts as to interesting places to visit.
Because I've been down the east coast of Baja past San Felipe/Puertecitos, I've noticed some rather messed up "old" roads that would be a blast to test our suspensions and tires out on. We'll have to check these out first to make sure that they will hold up to multiple rigs driving over them, but perhaps they just look delapidated? What I am talking about is the old road that runs from Puertecitos to Gonzaga. This road splits off from the new graded road, and meanders over several sections of hills consiting of volcanic rock, granite and who knows what else. There is also ARROYO MATOMI. This is run yearly by the Baja 250 trucks, and it's thought of as a favorite for those wishing to see something truely different. Let me know if any of you are truely interested in visiting these locales, and I'll talk my other Baja-bud David K into going. He's a Toyota fan, but don't worry, he's okay. Baja seems to attract the Toyota's rather than the Explorers (off road), but we can show everyone that we're not to be taken lightly...

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It sounds like a good trip, I'd love to go!

as much as I want to

I'm going to be in Montana for three weeks in May. Sorry. If you want me to pre-run it with you...let me know. I tried to talk Rick into a run like this, and a couple of other guys this past weekend, and they are all afraid of taking their trucks to Mexico. If the date changes, or you want to pre-run in middle to late april, let me know.


There isn't much to be afraid of. I speak fluent Spanish, and I don't leave my truck sitting unattended. But, if you guys want to try a run later (like from Tecate, CA to Tecate, Baja, to La Rumorosa to Mikes Sky Rancho and back) let me know. I'm still definitely going, and if anyone wants to make this into a group run, just let me know. Tell Rick the stories of the Chupacabra are folktales! Heh, Heh, Heh!

Thanks Ken...(I'm David K, but that was already taken on this board). We and others went up Matomi canyon on Feb. 18, 2001. Many photos. On the 17th we drove to the Sulfur Mine and out into the deep white sands along the Sea of Cortez. FYI..I went to the Ford dealer first, to buy a Ranger! He wanted nothing to do with my trade in or to make a deal. Toyota dealer was great, and I am extremely pleased with my Tacoma, so far. But, I just wanted you Ford people to know I tried!! Please view the Baja trip pics at: . Another one of our group also has pics of Matomi trip at: Adios for now! David K or Davo de Baja

Greetings Dave-o!

It's great to see another Baja friend making a post on the message board. Maybe we can still make the trek to Baja this Memorial Day.

Ken, are you talking about going down Saturday morning, and come back Monday night?


We will either go south Friday night, or *EARLY* Saturday morning. I sometimes drive at night in Baja if I have that BAJA FEVER really badly. I don't have anything drawn up yet, but as far as Suzanne and I are concerned, we are definitely going to Baja.
There might be another truck group going, and we might link up with the other group since that makes things interesting. The time of year will be exceptionally warm, so make sure your cooling system is up to the task. Oh, Tom. I heard you were doing something about all of those dents???

Hey Ken, just let me know in May the details! I've also got a friend that I was talking to about this, and he was thinking about going to (he's got a stock dodge dakota 4x4).

As for the dents, uhm, yea, I'm working on getting them fixed (the really bad one, by the passenger side quarter window.

New location of Baja photos: My web site!

The photos of my trip up Matomi canyon and the other photos in Baja are all found at: I got a great satellite photo of Baja and the Sea of Cortez on the opening page. Inside you will find links to my trip pics and many others, INCLUDING KEN's Baja trip photos! Also, several interesting links are there and I now have a message board...called the Baja Fun Board! Something new, my buddy BajaMur, resorected lost photos plus added many never seen before pics of our trip to MISION SANTA MARIA. Possibly the most difficult 15 mile 4WD road in Baja (on earth?). His home page is linked on mine. But, this one new page is at: