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Battery Light is on (dash)


May 26, 2008
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Las Vegas, NV
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'00 Sport
I replaced my Alt with a HO Iraggi Alternator rated at 240/165 idle.

since installing that my battery light is on the whole time.
i got it checked and its charging properly, my voltage is perfect also.

is this normal?

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i doubt its normal, my battery light is doing the same thing only its flickering on and off randomly. might want to look for crossed touching wires would be mhy first guess. hopefully some one has a better answer than me, i was going to post the same question. :p:

The only thing I can think of is that maybe the battery isn't putting out the right charge but normally that light only turns on if the alt. is not recharging well. You got me.

i found the problem with my light. i had my wife sit in the seat and let me know when the light when off. i was wiggling the alt. cable and the light went off and on as i pushed it around. so im thinking my cable is bad before i replace the alt. try that out see what happens.

Anybody ever find the problem? I have the same issue after replacing the alternator. (light on all the time). Local parts store tested charging system and battery, said both are good, even under load.

...The Jump cart/Electrical test commonly says all is well...You really need to pull a part to test it...Battery and alternator can be seperately, and properly tested at most parts houses...;)

Thats great info Al. Thanks for posting it. I will be upgrading my alternator in a few weeks that write up will be quite handy.