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Bearing seal between cv and hub?


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September 17, 2010
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'99 V6 Mountaineer
Hey ya'll, does anyone know if our 2nd gen explorers had a seal between the CV shaft and the wheel hub?

I had a brand new Moog wheel bearing blow apart on me while driving to the store. I'm rebuilding it but I can't tell if this part is part of the old hub or if I need a new one.


That is part of the hub, or goes into the backside of it. The CV axles have a dust seal on them, which should locate right inside that hub surface, barely if at all touching it. That isn't a critical part, it just provides a smoother surface than the rough cast spindle itself. If you can make it set into the hub well, just use some Ultra Copper RTV, or Ultra Black etc. Those should survive the heat, and they will hold the part well I'm sure.

At least one of my seals rubs a little(new axles three months ago), it can be heard as a light low rubbing sound. The seals are only dust shields, they don't need to touch really, and obviously won't make noise if they don't touch. The last pair of axles I tried to move the dust seal a little on the axle housing, to make it fit to the hub surface better. It is not easy to measure the clearance of the two parts, that steel hub surface and the axle dust seal. This last time I didn't try to, I just installed them as the axles came.

Thanks for the info, I got a new hub and it seems like everything should bolt back up correctly. That seal on the CV is gone but I was able to get the boot back on it ok. I'll get some of that sealant and try to seal it up tomorrow.

I have a pair of those metal seal surface parts. I was trying to buy the seals separately in about 2004, and by Ford the descriptions don't clearly tell you which part you're getting. I forgot where I located the seals separately, I was replacing two on Autozone axles which were installed outboard too far(and the seals melted from being too close to the hubs). I think I got them from Ford also, but I'm not sure.