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Blower wont work....i NEED MY A/C!

My EATC only worked on high speed summer before last. It failed the day before I went on vacation so I had to buy a new EATC speed control module from the dealer for something close to CAN$150. After vacation I was able to troubleshoot and found that the power transistor had failed. Bought a new one for about $12 and soldered it in. Haven't tested it yet.

To reach the module I had to remove the windshield washer resovoir and some other stuff then it was easy to get at.

Nice find!
Do you recall the part # for the TO-3 package transistor? I noticed a relay installed on the speed control circuit board, so I'm guessing that it's a PNP type transitor.

There are connections from the PCM to the EATC module which are likely related to your issue. The problem is there isn't any information as to what to expect and the user manual (96 in my case) doesn't mention any relationship between acceleration and fan control. It actaully doesn't make sense. QUOTE]

The purpose of the vacuum cannister (reservoir) is to provide a 'storehouse' of vacuum when the car is under acceleration to keep the dampers in place. There is a check valve involved. Losing air flow when accelerating points to the reservoir as the problem. Common problems associated with the cannister are a broken line or the cannister itself fills up with water (condensate). Removal and shaking out solves the problem.