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Blowing Fuses


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May 24, 2014
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2003 Ford Explorer EB
I have a Ford Explores EB 2003. Fuse # 15 in the Power distribution box - (Memory (PCM/DEATC/Cluster) Interior lights & Fuse # 17 in the Passenger compartment fuse panel - (Delayed acc. coil, Battery saver, Glove compartment lamp, 2nd row courtesy lamps, interior lamps (front) keep blowing off. When this happens my radio and all the gages in the instrment panel also go off. today i change 15 fuses. tired. Checked all the wires inside the door panel and fixed the borken ones. Still same problem. Do you think i have to change the Delayed accessory relay now. Please help help help me....Thanks

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I have moved your thread to the Stock 3rd Gen Sub Forum for better exposure.

Good luck getting it sorted. :thumbsup:

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